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Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

Spice it up a little bit: Discover our range of Hybrid Bikes


An amazing combination of a road bike and mountain bike, hybrid bicycles are the most suitable rides you can get for multi-purpose travels. They are also known as commuter bikes or everyday bikes and make your daily travel way easier. 

The Combo

Hybrid bicycles typically have a flat handlebar like the mountain bikes. This allows easier gear up and gear downs and smoother braking. On the other hand, they are designed as light as road bikes. This combination makes them a suitable push bike option for any kind of terrain and we got the best hybrid bikes for commuting to work. 

For Kids… 

We have a broad range of hybrid bikes for your bubs. 120, 500S and Mistigirl 500 are suitable for children 6 to 8 years (120 to 135 centimetres tall) while Original 500 is the go-to model for kids 8-12 years old. (135 to 155 centimetres tall) 

For Adults… 

Riverside 100 and Riverside 500 are the most affordable but best hybrid bikes in Australia. Typically designed for 30 to 60 minutes in parks and trails, they allow you to discover lovely landscapes. The design also limits the back pain on-course with its aluminum frame. They are available as women's hybrid bikes as well! 


Looking for more?

Remember - safety first. Browse for Decathlon’s Road Bikes before you check out. We have Mountain Bikes and City Bikes available as well if you don’t like combining two bikes and having a “Jack of all trails”.


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