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Hiking & Trekking Poles

Walk the extra mile! Discover our large range of Hiking & Trekking Poles.

Decathlon’s cheap trekking poles are here for you to take Australia’s fabulous bush walks. Carbon trekking poles and walking sticks not only enhance your experience but also allow you to walk the extra mile. 

Support your hips.
The high quality and affordable hiking poles will be your best mate in the bushes and support your hips amazingly. Your best mates are the best trekking poles and they are all available at Decathlon. Not only walking poles but also walking stick parts are at your service both online and at our stores.

Light and sturdy
Although we have a wide variety of all our products, the carbon trekking poles are our favourites if you are looking for a lightweight trekking pole. 

Bring it on. 
We sell all your hiking needs, from Hiking Lamps, Torches and Headlamps to Hiking Water Bottles and Flasks and Trekking Tents. Browse as you please and purchase the best sporting equipment at Decathlon.