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Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

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Golf Shoes

Make your golfing dream a reality as you bask in the sun and play a few rounds with picturesque Australia as your backdrop. Whether you prefer to play seaside at St. Andrew’s Beach or explore the beautiful rolling hills of the Links Kennedy Bay, you will need the best golf shoes to keep you several steps ahead of the competition. Check out our high-quality yet affordable golf shoes in Australia that include the following:

Men’s Golf Shoes

Decathlon offers some of the best-spiked golf shoes and the comfiest spikeless golf shoes in Australia. Our spiked golf shoes feature 6 spikes positioned to support foot stability and rotation. The shoes also have pre-formed soles for maximum comfort and waterproofing components to keep your feet dry at all times. Meanwhile, you will definitely feel at ease on the golf course and in town with our versatile spikeless golf shoes made with all-purpose soles.

Women’s Golf Shoes

Decathlon’s ladies’ golf shoes also include spiked and spikeless golf shoes. Both types of shoes ensure maximum comfort because of the preformed insole and cushioning. Thanks to the waterproof membrane, the spiked and spikeless golf shoes can also withstand rainy weather conditions.

Kids’ Golf Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of golf shoes online for your kids, we also have something for you. Lightweight and waterproof, our kids’ shoes are specially designed for playing golf, thanks to its hundreds of moulded spikes for stability and waterproof coating. Whatever your child’s skill level, this pair of golf shoes will help elevate their game.

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