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Golf Sale

Golf Sale

Discover our range of golf gear and accessories on clearance sale


Golf Sale

Whether you’re a beginner trying out the wide-open fairways of Amstel Golf Club or a professional preparing for a challenging round at the Moonah Links Open Course, one cannot get enough quality golf items. Decathlon’s clearance sale offers you quality items, from cheap golf bags and clubs to discount outfits and accessories, at low prices.

Golf Clubs and Golf Sets for Sale

Decathlon’s discount golf clubs include sets and golf clubs for sale. The men’s 3-wood may be the hardest club to hit off the fairway, but it is easy to find in our stores. We also have clubs for junior golfers, from the 7-iron for 5–7-year-old kids to putters for 11–13-year-olds. We have golf club sets for sale, like the iron and pitching wedge set for men and a 9-iron/putter set for 5–7-year-old kids.

Golf Outfits

Decathlon has all the men’s and ladies’ golf clothes clearance Australia is looking for, from affordable men’s items like long sleeve shirts and windbreakers to cheap women’s golf clothes like skorts and rain trousers. We also have gloves, towels, and belts in our sale bin.

Golf Shoes

Our golf shoes sale items include discount spikeless golf shoes for men and women. Also available are discount ladies’ golf shoes and men’s footwear with spikes. Cheap golf shoes for kids include those with moulded spikes.

Golf Accessories

Decathlon’s clearance bin includes 10-pack 12mm and 24mm step tees as well as 25-pack 69mm wooden tees. You can also find other accessories like an automatic divot repair tool in our sale items. Check out our catalogue today for more golf clearance items.


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