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Flip Flops & Beach Sandals

Flip Flops & Beach Sandals

Flip Flops & Beach Sandals

Discover our range of Flip Flops & Beach Sandals


Flip Flops & Beach Sandals

Flip-flops, sandals, beach sandals, thongs—you can call them whatever you want. But if you’re looking for that piece of footwear that’s just perfect for the beach—from Bondi to Mandalay—Decathlon is the place for you.

Online or on-site, we have a wide variety of cheap comfy flip-flops just waiting for you: Men’s Sandals, Men’s thongs, Women’s flip flops, sandals for Girls, Boy’s sandals

They’re available in a whole bunch of colours, including, black, green, blue, and red. If you like something other than plain and solid hues, we also have multi-coloured beach sandals in a wide array of designs. Whether you prefer narrow straps to wide ones, the great news is we have them both. Browse through our collection of cheap kids’ flip-flops as well and don’t leave those little feet bare!

You may think that our pairs are simple and practical enough—you are right but our teams have designed them with additional features to ensure maximum utility. These ensure that our flip-flops are:


Our flip-flop soles are resistant to damage from wear, bending, and tearing not only to protect your feet but so that you can also use these pairs for a lot longer.


Plastic straps in both narrow and wide designs provide excellent foot support while wide and anatomic sole keeps that foot arch comfy as can be.


Check out the specifications of your desired pair. We have conducted laboratory drying tests on them so you don’t spend the whole afternoon squelching and squeaking on paths. Drying time anywhere from 5 minutes (plastic/ rubber pairs) to a couple of hours (textile pairs).

For all kinds of thongs in Australia, find them at Decathlon! Need more? 
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