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Fitness Accessories

Fitness Accessories

Harder, better, faster, stronger! Said modern times philosopher, Kanye West once.

If you love your gym work out, you’ll love our gym accessories range where you can find gym water bottles, gym towels, gym equipment accessories, and even gym bags! 

The most essential part of your fitness training accessories, gym bags are used not only to store all your gear but also keep them separated from your dry clothes. You can select from Domyos foldable gym bags -designed for your gym shoes-, fold down cardio fitness bags coming in different sizes. Our foldable fitness shoe bags basically fold into a tiny pouch and are designed for users spending more time working out on their cardio. Our cardio fitness bag comes in two versions: fold down and non-fold down. Evaluate your needs and choose wisely. 

Our gym water bottles come in three colors: blue, pink and black and they are part of our cheap gym accessories range. They are made from BPA-free material and extremely impact resistant against knocks. 

“Please don’t use the equipment without your towel.” The first rule of any gym you join is using a towel while you are working out. It’s not only for your safety but also for everyone else’s attending the same gym with you. 

Looking for more? At Decathlon, we focus on enabling every sport to all the age groups and genders and our goal is to keep our products specific for sports. Shop for sports bags, exercise mats, towels and water bottles at Decathlon today! 

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