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Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat

Work out safe, as much as possible for your back, for your gear, and for your floor. 

Working out at home is an amazing idea if you prefer a bit of privacy and less commute time to your gym. However, even though everybody orders a treadmill, a benchpress, various weights, and all the other bits and pieces; they forget one thing: gym mats. They are the most essential home gym equipment for your back as they provide you an even surface. Also, they work like a charm if you are planning on doing crunches, push-ups; being on the treadmill and more… 

They are also useful if you are planning to set up your own gym with a treadmill, fitness glider or indoor bike trainer. As always, they are affordable, durable and high quality. Decathlon Training Matt, it is basically designed to protect the floor and muffle the noise from your treadmill or other gym equipment. This protective mat is placed underneath your cardio or fitness gear and protects your floors. 

Decathlon Floor Pads, sold in four-packs, they are made to stabilise your fitness equipment perfectly and smooth out uneven floors. They protect your gym equipment, they protect your back and they protect the floor. 

Looking for more? At Decathlon, we focus on enabling every sport to all age groups and genders and our goal is to keep our products specific for sports. Shop for sports bags, gym towels, and water bottles, at Decathlon today!