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Feels wheely good! Good times for a change! Leave your car home, put your bike helmet on and enjoy cycling through the city and mountains this summer.

From mountain bikes to bike accessories, bike tyres to bike toolkits. Decathlon has all your cycling needs!

Our city bike range includes Elops 100, Elops 120 and Elops 500. Elops 100 and Elops 120 are designed to ride occasionally in the city and enjoy it on a vintage, sleek ride. Apart from being Dutch style and extremely comfortable, they have a year-long return warranty.

The Elops 500, on the other hand, is for the regular rider, who gets to work or any other daily routine activities on their bike. Mountain bikes and cross country MTBs The BTwin cross country MTBs are available both for beginners and pros of the cross country races. The suspension system, the Shimano shifting, and high build quality make them reliable cross-country push bikes.

Our mountain bike range is mostly used for bike sport touring. Built with a lighter frame, Rockshox fork, and ergonomic handles; they are comfortable, efficient and will never leave you half-way through to your destination. Hybrid cycling and folding bikes

Our folding bikes are excellent for those who are low on space but are keen on their cycling. Fold it up when you are done with it and put it anywhere suitable you find!

Hybrid bikes are designed for 30-60 minutes of a ride in the parks and along road-worthy trails. Our hybrid bikes are available as kids bikes as well! Need to be more specific? Our bike range includes even more like road bikes and men & women cycling clothing Enjoy browsing Decathlon and BTwins amazing partnership to provide you with the best experience. Shop for mountain bikes, adult bike helmets, and kids bikes today!

Want more? Discover our range of Mountain Bikes, City Bikes and Road Bikes

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