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Boy's Swimming Swimsuits

Boy's Swimming Swimsuits

“Boys are back in town, boys are back in town…” Discover our range of Boy's Swimsuits


It gets as warm as 40 degrees on a typical summer day in Sydney. Heat, humidity and the melting sun make a great combination for your bubs to complain about the whole day. When zooperdoopers or backyard plastic pools are not enough, the local swimming pool or the closest beach come into aid. 

You pack up your sunscreen, an esky full of cold water and soft drinks and hit the road for a nice day at the beach with the boys. Decathlon’s boy's swimwear range cover all age groups. From active swimwear to swimming trunks and jammer swim shorts, Decathlon’s colourful swimsuits for boys are going to encourage your kids to a healthy and sweat-less routine this summer, regardless of them preferring open water or swimming pools. 

Briefs and jammers for the not-so-brief jams… 
The neoprene boys swimwear briefs and boys jammer swim shorts come in a broad range of colours and various print designs. They wear them on, they show their style, they love their sesh. 

Trunks, Boxers and Shorts.
Boys trunks, swim shorts, and boxer swimwear are also available for a comfy experience. The fabric of them dries out quickly and they are highly durable! You’d have to change them in every couple of years or so, though because you can never anticipate how fast they grow up!

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