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Gears for training, be the next champ in the ring! Discover our range of Boxing Clothes, Gloves, Protections, Bags and Accessories


Boxing gym or back yard with your coach, a wide range of boxing training equipment for better performance and speed.

Our selection of high-quality, durable boxing equipment—from boxing gloves and pads to boxing training clothes provide the protection, comfort, and support, whether you’re sparring, or training for your next boxing match. Develop your boxing skills on a group-setting or challenge yourself for one-on-one intensive boxing with a set of boxing gear you can use for all seasons. Faster, stronger, better, harder, and fitter. You can do so much more this year or re-live the Million Dollar Baby movie!

All boxing equipment available as you learn the correct techniques! Our boxing kit and also gloves, helmets, hand wraps, and other gears are available in different sizes and colours to mix and match your training clothes. Adult and kids’ sizes are available, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning or a pro. Your sport practice could be Muay Thai, Savate, or Mixed Martial Arts. You choose from our range of products and categories. A variety of accessories and gears for men, women, and kids. Decathlon comfortable and breathable boxing training clothes available in various sizes.

Do you want to have more boxing equipment? Find the right gears for your training at Decathlon. The go-to store that offers a variety of sporting goods to fulfil your needs. Browse our other items like boxing clothes, boxing gloves, boxing bags & accessories and, train harder like never before!

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