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Battle ropes

Battle ropes

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Battle Ropes

Australia has a rich sporting culture and tradition with our athletes churning out world-class performances in a variety of sports. But while an on-baller in Aussie Rules may require strong cardiovascular endurance, forwards and backs will need more power and strength aside from speed. Cricket requires good balance and core strength while rugby players are expected to exhibit strength and power for all those scrums and mauls.

How then do you develop all these qualities in one program? Using battle ropes is a good option. Whether used for inside the gym or as outdoor battle ropes, this gear can help improve your overall fitness level.

Battle Ropes for Cross-Training

Decathlon is the place where to buy battle ropes as we have the best battle rope brand in the market when it comes to the balance between price and quality. Our battle ropes for sale are cheap but durable as we carry only the best quality battle ropes in our stores.

The Decathlon design team developed the battle ropes for sale in our outlets specifically for cross-training purposes. Be it for strength, power or aerobic fitness, our high-quality but cheap battle ropes will provide a complete workout and will positively impact your core-strength training and cardio endurance.

These battle ropes for beginners and advanced users are extremely durable because of its braiding. These weigh only 7.5 kg and measure 12 m in length and 36 mm in diameter. There is also a rubber sheath that ensures that the end of the rope is fixed and allows for an ergonomic grip.

Train harder today with Decathlon battle ropes! Check out our store for more details.


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