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Scooter Accessories & Custom Parts

Scooter Accessories & Custom Parts

Scooter Accessories & Custom Parts

Stand out and enjoy it a lot! Discover our range of Scooters Accessories & Custom Parts 


Welcome to Decathlon’s push scooter accessories and spare parts range. Here we have the scooter big wheels, scooter lights, scooter handle grips, and scooter carry bags!

Customize as you wish!

Oxelo stickers are amazing customization parts for your scooters! They are cheap, colorful and exactly what your bub would love on their ride! If you’d like to add more character and safety to your scooter, our scooter lights are exactly what you are looking for! We got scooter shells, grips, front lights, and custom wheels as well! Don’t forget to add a set of Allen keys in your shopping cart!

Parts to customize your ride.

The common belief is that there’s nothing else than wheels and handlebars to customize on a push scooter. Well, we don’t believe that. Decathlon’s push scooter parts include scooter racks, scooter handle grips, scooter wheels and even more; all in a broad range of colors!

Bag them up, right!

Oxelo’s scooter bags are what you’d be looking for if you prefer taking your ride to town! $20 a piece only and in full style! Most affordable scooter bags in Australia.


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