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AB Wheels and AB Mats

Discover our range of ab wheels and ab mats


Ab Wheels and Ab Mats

Making those abdominal muscles appear is probably one of the biggest challenges in your fitness journey. Having a strong mind and body is a good start to push you to the next level. But it can’t be denied that a good abs equipment can be a great help to achieve great results. Here at Decathlon, we’ll match your best effort with some of the best gym equipment for abs that will help you reach your body goals.

Abs Exercisers

If you want to develop a strong and lean core, the best ab exercisers that you might want to add to your equipment are an ab roller or ab wheels, an ab roller board, and an ab mat. Ab rollers and ab roller boards work your arms, abs, and shoulders. They help you work out your entire core and increase muscular strength. Strengthening your abs is not easy. But with an ab mat, it’s a tough job made safe and comfortable. It is designed to support your back during abs exercises so you can avoid arching your back too hard. It also helps during your core strengthening exercises because it offers a stable surface to rest your forearms on to prevent them from getting sore.

The best for the best

At Decathlon, we believe that only the best ab roller wheels and ab mats are what you deserve. Our cheap ab wheels are designed for easy transport. Some are made lightweight, compact, and easy to carry while some can be disassembled for easy storage. They have soft foam handles for optimal comfort. The double wheels offer improved grip and maximum comfort. They adjust to your fitness level as you progress.

The search for high quality and affordable ab mats and ab wheels online is over.