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Waveboards & Hoverboards

Waveboards & Hoverboards

Ride in style! Discover our range of Waveboards and Hoverboards


Yes, you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish, but there are some things out there that you just have to try! Take waveboards and hoverboards as an example. Although there’s nothing that beats gliding on a traditional skateboard, waveboards and hoverboards are the new replacement today! The first hoverboard was introduced in a fictional novel but who would’ve thought that they would become a real deal in the 21st century.

Imagine effortlessly riding on two-wheels without any handlebars or seats, and making turns and directions by the help of sensors. Sounds cool right? Well, that’s just how waveboards work. Decathlon is the one place where you can find the best waveboards in Australia. These boards have generous weight capacities, offer a good speed range and have good quality wheels.

We not only have a collection of waveboards for beginners, but also for adults and teenagers. These waveboards have strong decks that provide the user with excellent support, stability, and comfort. The wheels and bearings are also of good quality allowing the user to ride smoothly with better speed while having full control over the board.

These waveboards don’t necessarily have to be a just-for-fun vehicle, rather, you can use them as a means of transport for certain places, depending on the distance you’re traveling. Besides these, you can also shop at Decathlon for skate shoes, helmets and pads, spare parts and other accessories. So, what’s the wait for? Get one of these snazzy waveboards and hoverboards today!


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Oxeloboard Wb120 Beginners' Board With Light

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Wb120 Beginner Waveboard



Oxeloboard Waveboard