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Increased Running Distance with Dry Feet

Decathlon’s ventilated soccer socks will keep your feet comfort high when you are on the pitch for training drills or matches. Highly durable and affordable, you’d fill your dresser and duffle bag with them once you try them on! 

Underfoot Ventilation

The breathable material used in Decathlon’s knee-high soccer socks allows great ventilation. In addition, since the ventilation is at the bottom of your feet, your socks won’t absorb all the water and get wider in your soccer boots. 

Mid-foot Elastic Band

One of the usual problems of soccer players is the socks getting loose or slipping during a game or training drill. They’d have to take their boots off, get their socks back in the place and put their boots on… Too much work, too much annoyance. The mid-foot elastic band in Decathlon’s F100 kids soccer socks, and F500 men’s soccer socks and women’s soccer socks range “kicks” away from that problem. 

Pair them with your kit. 

Our long socks come in a wide variety of colours such as black, red and white; allowing you to pair them with your team’s soccer kit. Grey, fluorescent yellow, blue and two colour options are also available for teams with alternative jerseys and shorts. 

Sit back and relax.

You can buy Decathlon’s soccer socks in bulk if you are a coach or staff member for a junior league team. Buy them all together and sit back on the bench while your little champions are giving their best on the pitch. They’ll be comfortable, you’ll have one less problem. 


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