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Camping Sleeping Bags & Liners

Camping Sleeping Bags & Liners

When the night falls. Discover our range of Sleeping Bags & Liners.

Unpack your sleeping bag, stay dry and sleep safe and sound. Decathlon’s hiking sleeping bags and camping sleeping bags provide you with an easy as an alternative to air mattresses. Effortless to unpack and tuck yourself in, Quechua sleeping bags are waiting for you at Decathlon Australia. 

Keep it simple, keep it light, keep it compact. 
Discover our compact sleeping bags for a simple solution to your sleeping needs when you are camping. Apart from their compact nature, Decathlon’s sleeping bags are extremely lightweight! 

Sleep in colour. 
All our sleeping bags come in a variety of colours, ranging from grey to purple and blue. 

For your bubs 
Our sleeping bags are for adults and we also have children's sleeping bags for your bubs! Tuck them in at night and let them rest easy and safe. 

Looking for more to settle in? 
Check out our camp beds, camping furniture, 4-8 person tents, and trekking tents today! 

Need more?
Discover our range of Camping Beds, Hammocks and Pillows and Blankets.