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Skipping Ropes

Skipping Ropes

Did you know that 15 minutes of skipping is the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging? You read that right! 1 hour of skipping burns up to 725 calories! So what are you waiting for? Skip your way to a fitter life with Decathlon’s Skipping Ropes!

Part of the Fitness Machines & Equipment range, our ropes will help your fitness levels improve.

As an all-around exercise, a skipping rope workout burns calories helps with weight loss, tones your muscles, improves balance and encourages good posture. There’s probably nothing as lightweight and as easily portable as a skipping rope. Take it with wherever you go - on holiday, traveling on work, outdoors - you’ll never miss a workout with our plastic skipping ropes.

 Our range includes adults and kids skipping ropes, weighted skipping ropes and a counter skipping rope. To get the best skipping rope workout, you can add up to two weights on each handle, combining the benefits of cardio and strength training. Use the counter skipping rope to push yourself further!

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DOMYOS - Kids Skipping Rope

Kids Skipping Rope

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DOMYOS - Essential Kids Skipping Rope

Essential Kids Skipping Rope


DOMYOS - 500 Adult Skipping Rope

500 Adult Skipping Rope


DOMYOS - 500 Kids Jump Rope

500 Kids Jump Rope


DOMYOS - 100 Adult Speed Rope

100 Adult Speed Rope


DOMYOS - 900 Adult Skipping Rope

900 Adult Skipping Rope


DOMYOS - 100 Adult Skipping Rope

100 Adult Skipping Rope


OUTSHOCK - Outschock Wooden Boxing Skipping Ropes

Outschock Wooden Boxing Skipping Ropes


DOMYOS - Kids Skipping Rope

Kids Skipping Rope


DOMYOS - Kids Skipping Rope

Kids Skipping Rope


DOMYOS - Counter Skipping Rope

Counter Skipping Rope