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Road Bikes

Road Bikes

Road Bikes

On the road again… Discover our range of Road Bikes


Welcome to Decathlon's best value road bike range, where we have many road bikes for sale. With bikes suitable for all riders who enjoy getting out in the flat or mountainous terrain, we strive to help you find the best road bikes for you. You'll love our specialised road bikes designed in France for maximum efficiency, comfort and speed while still on a budget.

Efficiency, Frames and Comfort

Decathlon’s adult road bikes are efficient and offer comfort with their aluminium/carbon/steel frames and flat bars. The added comfort on the saddles plays a major role in comfort while up to 24 speeds of gear provide massive efficiency, depending on the terrain you are cycling on. 

Sometimes it’s not just A to B. 

Cycling, in general, requires massive cardiovascular strength and condition. For some cyclists, it’s not just a method of transportation and more of an intensive training routine. Using all the muscles on your body, it strengthens your lower torso and legs especially. Our light road bikes on sale make it a lot easier and more efficient for your workout. Highly versatile 6061 aluminum sports frame, Mavic Aksium wheels, and Shimano 105 gears make a great combination in the name of a utilised workout routine. 

Looking for more? 

Check out the rest of Decathlon’s cycling range. Mountain Bikes are available for those in need of space and City Bikes for a thrilling experience in the Australian bush or just wondering up the bike path and great versatility. Kids Bikes for casual weekend riding and getting from A to B. and city bikes for the short comfortable pedal to work. and remember, safety first so don’t forget to take a look at our Electric Bikes

We also offer an easy 365 days return policy for all our products and free shipping for orders over $80! You can also use our click and collect for free ready for pick up within two hours (dependent on store opening hours).