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Men's Swimming Swimsuits

Men's Swimming Swimsuits

Discover our range of men's swimming swimsuits


Men’s Swimming Swimsuits

Whether you’re taking a quick dip in the pool or riding the waves of one of Australia’s many surf spots, you need the right swimwear for the right job. At Decathlon, we offer a wide range of men’s swimsuits for a variety of activities, perfect for your active lifestyle on and off the water.

Men’s Swimsuits & Swimming Jammers

Our products include men’s swimming swimsuits, such as men’s swim briefs and men’s swim trunks as well as men’s jammer swim shorts. While trunks are ideal for an afternoon lounging at the pool, swim jammers are better suited to competitive swimming.

Swim jammers can be made of a variety of materials, but all are designed to achieve the same goal: help you swim faster. Unlike men’s trunks, swimwear like jammers offer more coverage and sleekness that allows you to glide more smoothly on the water. It’s what you need especially in races where a fraction of a second separates winners from the rest of the pack.

The Balance between Style and Performance

Our men’s swimsuits—from boxer swimwear to our other men’s swim shorts—give you the right amount of stylishness that gets you noticed as well as performance that helps you get ahead of the competition. Typical swim jammers, for example, are made of polyester. But if you want comfort, we also offer ones made of 80 per cent Polyamide and 20 per cent Elastane while we also have ones made of Neoprene, giving you extra buoyancy that helps you perform better even in the most intense races. Our colour options are understated while giving a touch of class, including your typical black and navy blue shorts, as well as grey and multicoloured ones.

Make a splash today with our men’s swimsuits. Browse our catalogue or visit your nearest Decathlon store to find one that’s right for you.


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