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Men's Bike Cold Weather Tights

Men's Bike Cold Weather Tights

Discover our range of men's bike cold weath tights


Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or a casual weekend bike rider, you’ll know the importance of dressing up in men’s bike clothing appropriate for the weather, so that you can stay comfortable, warm and dry. In the cooler months of autumn and winter, when you’re braving the chilly temperatures outdoors or even indoors, rug up with our cold weather tights and specialized cycling pants so you can get the most out of your ride.

When tight bike shorts won’t do the job and you need longer length cycling pants to keep warm, check out our men's bibless cycling tights, for cheap cycling pants that won’t break the budget. These are men's cycling pants with padding to protect from chafing with elastic at the waist to hold the tights in place. These great value tights are a great option for a beginner or casual bike riders.

Another option for your winter cycling gear is to look at men's thermal cycling tights with a bib, meaning that they are tights held up with suspenders instead of an elastic waistband so that the potential discomfort of a waistband digging into your skin can be avoided during longer rides. For waterproof cycling bib tights, check out the 700 Cycling Bib Tights. These bib tights are made for rides of 3 hours or more and have fleece on the inside and a water-repellent membrane on the outside on the thighs. For maximum sitting comfort, use the ergonomic pad with gel insert, and stay safe with our reflective ankle zips so that you can stay visible at night.

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900 Cold Weather Long Road Cycling Bibless Tights

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