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Kids Roller Blades & Quad Skates

Kids Roller Blades & Quad Skates

Fun times on quad skates and roller blades!

Welcome to Decathlon’s kids roller blades and quad skates range; where you can find toddler roller skates, kids inline skates and adjustable roller skates. Oxelo’s rollerblades for kids brought to you by Decathlon are affordable, colorful and stylish at their best.

Buy your bub a pair of beginner roller skates for kids and drive them to Centennial Parklands, Bondi Beach Skate Park or wherever you prefer enjoying your beautiful day.

Play 1 Range - Baby Skates

The Play 1 range in our shop is designed for children 4 to 6 years old who are still at the stage of “baby skates”. They are simple, they are fun and they come with a stability kit!

Play 3 Range - Child’s Play

If your child is ready ro roll yet having problems with body balance on their skates, the Play 3 range is what you are after. They are adjustable in size, sturdy and stable.

Play 5 Range - Now we are skating.

The Play 5 range is made for children (6 to 10 years old) who are discovering inline skating. Adjustable to 3 sizes just like Play 3, they are the first “skate” to inline skating and best kids roller skates in Australia.

The Fit Range

The Fit Range has 2 groups of inline skates for kids: Fit 3 and Fit 5. While Fit 3 is designed for kids aged between 8 to 12 years old, Fit 5 is made for kids between 10 and 16. Adjustable to various sizes, these are the inline roller skates your teenaged loved ones will prefer the most.

Where to buy them

If you would like to try your inline skates before purchasing, you can visit our store in Tempe (New South Wales) or visit our stores due to be opened in Box Hill (Victoria), Knoxfield (Victoria) and Auburn (New South Wales) in November 2018. You can order online as well from our website.

Looking for more?

Shop for Adult Rollerblades, Roller Helmets & Pads and Spare Parts at Decathlon today!


Play 3 Children's Inline Skates

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