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Futsal Balls

Futsal Balls

Designed to roll smoothly on hardwood... Discover our great range of futsal balls.


Coming to three different types, our futsal balls are suitable for both novice and master players. The Indoor Felt Football is a size 5 ball and is designed for beginners. The Futsal Ball 100 Hybrid is designed for players mastering their technical moves and seeking absolute ball control. The Futsal Ball 500 Hybrid is designed for masters on the court with its durable build and revolutionary assembly. 

Let them learn it with the best.

Decathlon is always for encouraging new players in all age groups and our Indoor Felt Football is the best futsal ball for learners and a live example of that. As a futsal ball size 5, it is for beginning enthusiasts. 

Smooth dribbling…

Get in control, look around, show your court vision and pass it to the most suitable teammate on the court or bang it to the back of the net. Futsal Ball 500 and Futsal Ball 100 make it easy to get you on your feet, at your best. Both have outer felt components, enhancing a good ball feel and the seams inside them increase durability. 


Looking for more futsal or soccer? 

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Futsal 100 Hybrid Ball 63 Cm



500 Hybrid 63 Cm Futsal Ball