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Freestyle Scooters

Freestyle Scooters

Freestyle Scooters

The destiny of the trickster, on the skateparks… Discover our range of Freestyle Scooters

Scooters are not only great alternatives for a daily commute and family fun but also are amazingly flexible for tricks! Decathlon’s freestyle scooters for doing tricks are exactly what you are looking for if you have a trick or two in your sleeve! 

Choose wisely, depending on terrain! 

We have the best and most affordable trick scooters in Australia that you can purchase! Either it’s a dirt scooter on Australian soil or hard concrete scooter, we got you covered. Our MF One Freestyle Scooter comes in red and yellow colours and it’s one of the best trick scooters under $100! If you are looking for the best trick scooters for beginners, that is your choice for sure! 

Push it to the limit! 

Our MF3.6 V5 Freestyle Scooter is a great trick scooter for beginners! Firm grip, light design and high-quality wheels offer a marvellous experience! It’s brass/silver colour proves that you are different and ready to push it to the limit. If you are after a cheap trick scooter, we got you covered here as well! Oxelo’s finest MF One Freestyle Scooter comes in 2 colours: neon yellow (2016) and red. If you are after a mid-level but distinct trick scooter, MF1.8 Freestyle by Oxelo is definitely what you are after! 

Looking for more? 

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