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Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Get a glimpse of the outdoor life! Discover our range of Folding Chairs, Tables, Lights and more.


If you’re setting out on a camping trip, you need more than just a tent and a sleeping bag to live some days away from home. While taking too much gear with you could be burdensome, some equipment like mosquito nets, camping chairs, tables, and lights, are not less than camping necessities. Here at Decathlon, we have all the camping equipment and camping accessories that one could possibly need to successfully do their camping.

When you’re out in the wilder, you need to have with you a reliable camping light that could help you watch your step during the night. We have a broad range collection of rechargeable led camping lights that are durable, compact, intense and lightweight, perfect for taking with you on a camping trip. One thing you’ll find yourself surrounded within the open is blood-sucking mosquitoes that can make your outdoor adventure quite bothersome, especially when you try to sleep at night.

You won’t have to worry about a thing when you take with you one of Decathlon’s highly effective yet comfortable mosquito nets for camping to keep away those bugs and mosquitos. Enjoy your favourite camping cuisine on one of Decathlon’s easy to assemble, highly inexpensive, highly durable and super portable camping tables and chairs. So, if you feel like adding the right amount of luxury to your camping experience with convenience, shop for a folding camping table and folding camping chairs here at Decathlon today.

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