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Camping Beds

Camping Beds

Place it, unfold it, snooze it. Discover all our Camping Beds.


Some of us place comfort in the first place in their lives and comfort equals to Quechua camping beds at Decathlon.

Don’t let back problems get in your way. 
Quechua sleeping beds are affordable camping beds for bad backs. No more back pain after a lovely camping trip. 

More space, more comfort
The outdoor camping beds can compact down to a tiny bag and are very easy to unfold. If you need to be economical with the space in your car, camping stretcher beds are what you are after. 

Looking for more? 
You can also shop for camping mattresses and pumps, sleeping bags and camping equipment at Decathlon. Feel free to browse and sleep tight. 

Need more sleeping equipment?
Discover our Sleeping Bags and Liners, Air Mattresses and Air Pillows


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Folding Camp Bed