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Bike Phone Holders

Bike Phone Holders

Your personal assistant rides with you… Discover our range of bike phone holders


Smartphones became such a big part of our lives that some scientists define the modern era people as the most primitive androids. We use them as compasses, maps, phones and everything else. If you don’t want to leave your personal assistant behind, before a ride; you’ll need a bike phone holder and Decathlon comes into aid, as always. 

Smartwatch/Watch Holders

If you don’t always feel comfortable when you are riding due to sweat, watch holders of B’Twin are going to be your best buddy. You can attach them easily on your bike’s handlebar and enjoy the ride. Our handlebar watch holders are also compatible with heart-rate monitors, GPS devices etc…

On The Wrist - On The Arm - On The Go

We also have phone holders designed for your wrists and arms. Wear them on and don’t worry about dropping your phone anymore. They also fit on to the bike stem. 


Triban’s mobile phone holders for bikes holders are designed for urban cyclists and good weather. They are soft, light and easy. You can easily attach them to the stem via a strap and a rip-tab fastener. The foam build protects your phone from shock impacts. Triban also has waterproof bike smartphone holders for any kind of weather conditions. They are easy to mount as well and durable under any weather conditions. They are the best phone holders for bikes you can find with their affordable prices.


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100 Waterproof Smartphone Sleeve



500 Smartphone Holder

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900 Bike Waterproof Smartphone Holder



900xl Waterproof Smartphone Holder